Jason Busch

Executive Director, OWET

‘The oceans are sort of like the open federal lands of the west.  Once upon a time, it seemed like there was always another valley, another river, another hillside of trees; always more resources and opportunities.  Of course, now we know that’s not true.  And now our oceans face the same potential for overuse and degradation through neglect and lack of planning.  If we are to preserve the long term value and quality of our oceans, then we cannot treat them as an afterthought.  New uses, such as safe, emissions-free ocean energy from waves and tides must be integrated in a way that is respectful of the ocean and its users.  At the same time, as society’s needs change, we must recognize that these new uses have a place in our ocean, and historical uses that are harmful or inconsistent with modern needs must evolve or be eliminated.  That’s why holistic, ecosystem-based planning and management are so important today.’


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