New York

Murray Fisher

Chair, Billion Oyster Project


Rebecca Clark Uchenna

Marine Programs Associate, Island Institute

New York

Jon Forrest Dohlin

VP and Director, WCS New York Aquarium

New Jersey

Helen Henderson

Atlantic Coast Program Manager, American Littoral Society

New York

Bianca Piccillo & Mark Usewicz

Founder, Mermaid's Garden Sustainable Seafood


Matt Gove

Mid-Atlantic Policy Manager, Surfrider Foundation


Brian Marcaurelle

Program Director, Maine Island Trail Association

"Protecting the wild islands of coastal Maine"

Why We Need Ocean Planning

The ocean and coasts are active places, and we’re putting more demands on them every day. Think about it: traditional uses such as fishing, boating, shipping, recreation, and tourism are all changing and expanding, and at the same time we’re pioneering new industries alongside them like wind energy and sand mining. Ocean planning is about thinking ahead and planning for how to make it all work. Otherwise, we put the ocean’s vast, yet fragile, resources at risk. Voluntary ocean planning allows us to coordinate all these uses in a way that benefits our economy, our communities, and ocean health. Ocean planning is a science-based and data-driven process that provides a tool for people and government to work together, share information and solve problems in a way that works for everyone. Ocean planning helps to identify and resolve potential conflicts early on, helping decision makers and stakeholders in both the private and public sectors do their jobs better. This creates better outcomes for everyone, supporting a healthy ocean and vibrant economy

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